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Satellite Art Network

Satellite Art Network is an initiative with the aim of enabling supra-regional exchange structures for dance creators. Through workshops, performances, panel discussions and artistic encounters, existing cultural initiatives and individuals from four different federal states (Lower Saxony, Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg) come together to think about sustainable ways to create performance opportunities and other artistic activities in the independent dance scene. Over a period of four months, there will be a two-day event in each region, open to both other dance creators and the public.


SAN Dresden

08.09.23    Artistic Exchange "How loud is too loud?" by Paco Ladrón de Guevara. 
09.09.23    Open meetings for dance makers @villa\wigman


14.10.23     Artistic exchange "Pagliacci" by Tiago Manquinho in collaboration with
                     Cecilia Castellari
15.10.23     Open meetings for dance makers @ROXY @TanzLabor.Ulm

SAN Hamburg 


22.10.23     Artistic exchange

                    "Acid the Opera" by Charles A. Washington
                    "Meliae" by Alessia Vinotto & Suse Tietjen
                     @Sprechwerk Theater
23.10.23     Open meetings for dance professionals @Studio Alte Post

SAN Braunschweig


02.12.23    Artistic exchange "Holding on" by Israel Akpan Sunday
03.12.23    Open Encounters for Dance Professionals / Artistic Exchange @TANZKOOP 

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Satellite Art Network (SAN) is a project of the Facing the Dance initiative of TanzNetzDresden and is carried out by the agency in cooperation with the TanzLabor Roxy Ulm, Family Production Hamburg and the cooperative TANZKOOP from Braunschweig. 

Supported by the Impulspromotion Dance & Theater of the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK, supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, as well as the state ministries of culture and the city of Dresden, Office for Culture and Monument Protection.

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