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Our general terms and conditions are the basis for all offers and agreements as well as the services based on them to the entire workshop offer of the TANZKOOP GbR.


§ 1 General: Registration and prices

a) Participation in the workshops offered by TANZKOOP GbR requires prior registration and advance payment if possible.

b) The prices shown by us apply.


§ 2 Participation options and payment

a) Payment modalities

Registration for all workshops is currently only available online. 

b) Workshops

The registration obligates the payment of the corresponding fee. Discounts might be granted up to a certain deadline (see current workshop program). For bank transfers the actual date of receipt of the amount on the account of TANZKOOP GbR is valid. If the number of participants is exceeded or in case of workshop cancellation on the part of TANZKOOP GbR, the entire amount will be refunded.

§ 3 Case of illness

a) Workshops

If the number of participants is exceeded or a workshop is cancelled by TANZKOOP GbR, the entire amount will be refunded. Cancellations are only possible in exceptional cases by showing a medical certificate or by finding a substitute. In case of a cancellation 14 days before the start of the workshop, the complete amount will be refunded, after that an administration fee of 50% of the participation fee will be retained in any case. 

§ 4 Cancellation or change of events and teaching offers

The TANZKOOP GbR reserves the right to postpone or cancel events and workshops for reasons beyond its control (e.g. if the number of participants is too low or due to force majeure, such as illness of the teacher without the possibility of a substitute).

If an event or workshop cannot take place, the participant will be refunded the participation fees/admission already paid. The same applies if the participant is unable to attend the event at a later date. Further claims do not exist. 


§ 5 Liability

a) Each participant is required to be able to assess for him/herself which degree of difficulty and which exercises he/she is physically able to perform. The liability for damages is excluded, unless the damage is based on a deliberate or roughly negligent behavior on the part of the TANZKOOP GbR or by her assigned persons. The liability for the injury of life, body and health remains untouched from this. The participation in the offer of the TANZKOOP GbR presupposes the existence of a private liability insurance protection as well as a health insurance protection. It is expressly pointed out that on the part of the TANZKOOP Gbr in particular also no accident insurance protection for the participants of the workshop offers is held out. The conclusion of an accident insurance is expressly recommended. The participation takes place in this respect "on own danger". In case of emergency first aid measures may be carried out and urgent medical measures may be initiated also without previous declaration of consent.

b) The TANZKOOP GbR takes over no liability for all valuables. It is recommended to take valuables with you to the studio. Lost property will not be kept.


§ 6 Copyrights

The event documents and resulting teaching materials are protected by copyright. This also applies to the documents and summaries compiled during the event. Any kind of duplication, passing on to third parties or other use, which goes beyond the personal information of the participants, requires the prior written consent of TANZKOOP GbR.



§  7 Privacy

a) The participant consents to the collection, processing, use and storage of personal data insofar as this is necessary for the implementation of the contractual relationship. The data will be used exclusively for the purpose of implementing the workshop offer. A commercial use of the data or a transfer to third parties for advertising purposes does not take place. As far as a justified interest in the storage of the data on the part of the TANZKOOP GbR no longer exists, the participant can require the deletion of the data at any time.


b) The criterion for the duration of the storage of personal data is the respective statutory retention period.

c) During the COVID19 pandemic, TANZKOOP GbR is obligated to collect the contact data of the participants per teaching offer, to keep them for 4 weeks and to transmit them to the health authorities in case of suspicion.



§ 8 Image and sound recordings

In the event that in the context of the workshops and events image and / or sound recordings of persons authorized by the TANZKOOP GbR are carried out, the participants agree that they may be recorded in image and word and these recordings without claim to remuneration temporally and spatially unlimited analog or digital published, broadcast and reproduced. If a person does not wish to be pictured, this must be noted to the person taking the photo or filming before the recording is made. In this case, photos and video recordings in which the respective person is depicted will not be published.

§ 9 Newsletter

On the basis of your expressly given consent, we will send you our newsletter or comparable information regularly by e-mail to your specified e-mail address. For the receipt of the newsletter, the specification of your e-mail address is sufficient. When registering to receive our newsletter, the data you provide will be used exclusively for this purpose.

You can revoke your consent to the storage of your personal data and its use for sending the newsletter at any time. You will find a corresponding link in each newsletter. In addition, you can unsubscribe at any time directly on our website.



§ 10 House rules

a) There is an excerpt from the house rules above the music system in the studio. Each participant is obliged to abide by them.

It is pointed out that other parties and persons live and work in the building and in the immediate vicinity. In order to avoid noise nuisance towards these parties and persons, music is to be used at a reasonable volume. In addition, windows are to be kept closed at all times during events with music, voice work or other loud noises. Ventilation may be used only during breaks without music playing or heavy noise. The nighttime quiet period after 10:00 p.m. must be observed. In case of violation and resulting consequences, TANZKOOP GbR reserves the right to deny participants access to the studio.

b) Participants can also be denied access to the studio if there is reason to believe that they will disrupt the event or disturb other participants. Participants who disrupt the workshop or disturb others can be expelled from the studio or the rooms of the TANZKOOP without having a right to a refund of the participation fee already paid.

c) Visitors of the TANZKOOP are responsible for their parked bicycles. These may only be parked and/or connected within the marked areas and in compliance with the signs.

d) When using the room, the person who booked it is responsible for ensuring that the room is handed over in a clean condition. The dance floor will be wiped with the designated mop and warm water only. All dishes, cups and cutlery, washed and put away. All areas in a neat condition, cushions, chairs and tables in their original place. All window curtains opened. Heaters on night setting. The person is also responsible for making sure that all electronic equipment used (power strips, lights, music system, etc.) and lights are turned off when leaving the room. - Please leave the premises as you would like to find them again yourself!

e) Due to the COVID19 pandemic, compliance with designated hygiene measures is required:

- Limited number of participants

- Masks must be worn in the entrance area and in the hallway. Masks are not required to be worn during class.

- The published measures as well as distance markings must be observed and adhered to.

f) It is obligatory to leave the shoes at the entrance of the hall in the designated area.

h) Smoking and the consumption of alcohol and drugs are prohibited in the studio as well as in the common facilities and common corridors of the building.

i) The consumption of food brought in is only permitted in the designated areas.



TANZKOOP wants to offer a positive, safe and non-discriminatory experience for all participants and visitors. Respectful, open, and friendly interactions should be possible regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, body type, ethnicity, or religious affiliation (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Sexualized language and depictions are not welcome at TANZKOOP. This includes all offers and areas of use as well as this website and social media. By agreeing, you show that you share these values for an unencumbered and positive coexistence and want to contribute to it with your presence.




TANZKOOP pursues the goal to act as sustainably as possible in all areas of work and to pay attention to resource-saving actions. The TANZKOOP team would like to encourage all participants and visitors to join this endeavor and, especially when it comes to mobility, to refrain from air travel or to travel as climate-friendly as possible. On the same level is the motto "renting instead of owning" and the implementation of reusable systems, be it in the case of upcycling or waste avoidance. Be there and bring your own drinking bottle, for example!

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