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Anker 1

TanzSichten is a residency and open stage program for dance professionals from Germany to
to sustainably improve the visibility of dance, inspire the relationship with the audience
and to strengthen the dynamic and diverse dance scene in Lower Saxony.
The three partners Tanzpunkt Hannover, TANZKOOP and LOT-Theater create with the
format, the three partners Tanzpunkt Hannover, TANZKOOP and LOT-Theater create opportunities for the different stages of the creative process.


The program consists of four different "packages," each of which is linked to different stages
of the choreographic creation process.


Together with TanzPunkt Hannover, LOT-Theater Braunschweig and the Landesverband für Freie Darstellende Künste Niedersachsen, TANZKOOP is working with TanzSichten to increase the visibility of dance and strengthen freelance dance professionals.

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Residency 1


From October 09 to 20, 2023, we are pleased to make the TANZKOOP studio available for two residencies. 


Hicks & Reynolds with "Meet your Host" (working title). 

Esther Moreno: and Manueal Expósito with "Faustino".

On October 22, 2023, the first TanzSichten Open Stage will take place at Kunsthalle Faust in Hannover.

On view are insights into the works of:


  • Mónica García Vicente - I am [not] Giselle (excerpt).

  • unknown.possibilities - OKTI & ITKO

  • Félix Bossard - what the quiet has to say. 

  • Esther Moreno - Faustino

  • Hicks and Reynolds - Meet your Host (working title)

Residenz 2

From November 20-30, 2023, we are pleased to make the TANZKOOP Studio available for another two residencies. 


  • Kerstin Möller

  • Manuela Bolegue


On 09 December 2023, the second TanzSichten Open Stage will take place at the LOT Theater Braunschweig. 


On view will be works by: 

  • Mónica García Vicente - I am [not] Giselle (excerpt).

  • unknown.posiibilities - OKTI & ITKO

  • Anna Borrás

  • Kerstin Möller

  • Manuela Bolegue

Make dance visible!

Anker 2

TanzSichten dance artists

Anna Bórras with "ARYO"

Anna's movement vocabulary draws from intimate dynamics, precise energies and
diverse physicality. Anna believes that the body and mind always have time and space to adapt and evolve into a defined and strong identity. How Anna moves can be described as explosive, accentuated, fluid and honest.

"ARYO" tells about the different stages of love that one can experience in life. It takes us through a deep and detailed scene of each sensational stage in each moment, in the distance; through gravity, force and speed.

Esther Moreno with "Faustino"

"Faustino" is part of a larger production called "I AM NOT ALONE" and Esther's first project as an emerging director and choreographer. This project deals with the theme of "loss", a personal experience that is of great importance to Esther Moreno. 
"Faustino" is a declaration of love to memory, during the grieving process.

Esther not only directed and explored the movement, but also composed the music for this performance. TanzSichten features Manuel Expósito as a dancer for the first time.

Felix Bossard_edited.jpg
Félix Bossard with "What the quiet has to say."

Félix Bossard, who grew up in France, started dancing at the age of nine. After graduating from the Rouen Conservatory and the Codarts School of Arts, he joined "Of Curious Nature" as an intern and Landerer&Company as a permanent ensemble member. where he had the opportunity to explore his artistic voice, ideas and movement signature and take his first steps as an entrepreneurial artist.
"What the quiet has to say." is an ode to what we call home;
It is essentially the (unfinished) result of an investigation into personal space using the technique of dérive; a look at exploring what exists between four walls.

Bild Hicks and Reynolds_edited.jpg
Hicks & Reynolds with "Meet your Host" (working title)

Laura Hicks and Ilana Reynolds create works that explore themes of failure, using humor, quirky gestures, and the nonsensical as the basis for their collaboration.

Meet your Host (working title) delves into the themes of connection and communication, looking at the theater as a place where guests and hosts can meet.

But who is actually a host and who is a guest?

Mónica García Vicente with "I am [not] Giselle"

For several years now, the choreographer and performer has been a force in the contemporary independent dance scene in Hanover with her mónica garcía vicente dance project. She has shown her dance productions at the Pavillon, the Kesselhaus and the Eisfabrik, among others. She complements her choreographic concept with improvisation and workshops in her project "Connection Dance Center" (CDC).
"I am [not] Giselle" is a dance performance by Mónica García Vicente, with an original musical composition by Maewen Forest. It embodies the complex and contradictory aspects of womanhood and femininity, on, off and beyond the stage. Mónica's vision: dance as an art form coexists with all other arts. The different artistic media have always enriched each other mutually.

KerstinMöller_pic (c) Kamal Badhey_edite
Manuela Bolegue and Kerstin Möller with "Burnout" (working title)

Dance artists Manuela Bolegue and Kerstin Möller will work on a multidisciplinary dance and performance project that will be developed together as a fusion of contemporary dance, hip-hop, breaking, popping, locking, krumping and experimental movement forms. In their research, the choreographers plan to explore the health condition burnout and the social and economic circumstances that influence the development of burnout.

u.p. portrait_(c)unknown.possibilities._
unknown.possibilities with "OKTI & ITKO"

unknown.possibilities. was founded by Josh & Alina in 2023. u.p. is a dance company that strives to bring to light what lies beneath the surface.
OKTI & ITKO takes a humorous perspective on communication in relationships.
The two characters repeatedly get into misunderstandings and collide from situation to situation.
To generate material, u.p. used the idea of magnets, how they attract and repel each other, as inspiration. After realizing that these communication strategies don't work, OKTI and ITKO are trying to rethink their approach to each other and look for a new way to connect.

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